SITU8ED licenses technology for mobile applications that learns phone users’ behaviours in the real-world, legally.

At the core of our product portfolio is an SDK that uses the sensors on the phone to recognise places people visit, including the types of business and its function, the brand that owns/operates the premises, and dwell time.  We filter ‘false positives’, such as when they’re waiting outside or on a bus stopped in traffic in front of the store.  

Mobile phones have a major facet – we use them when we’re mobile! 

Knowing people’s travel mode and their travel patterns provides valuable complementary information to places visited, describing travel segments between those places, critical in deciding when you might get the user’s attention.  

We use data from the phone’s sensors to distinguish all common types of travel: by car, on foot, on a bike, in a bus, on a tram, on a train and in the metro. 

To this base we add in industry leading geo-fencing – with geo-fences by type of travel, geo-fences for attribution, and geo-fences predicated on recent activities.

Using all this we build Situation Timelines for each user, with three months of data on the types of places visited, travel segments and geo-fences triggered.

And finally, the cherry on the cake – we use the Situation Timelines to provide geo-targeting, where users are selected based on the types of places they’ve visited, their travel patterns, the geo-fences they’ve triggered and their current situation.  

All our products are 100% in compliance to the new EU and UK legislation on data protection and privacy – GDPR, the ePrivacy update and the 2017 UK Data Protection Act.