Precise location based targeting that complies with EU legislation on Privacy and Data Protection

SITU8ED provides technology to Ad Tech companies to scale up their use of location data, providing geo-fencing by mode of travel, and geo-targeting selecting audiences by combining real-world habits and real-time data, and crucially in conformity to the new legislation – the General Dat Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive.

SITU8ED’s geo-targeting allows users to be selected for inclusion in advertising campaigns using any combination of frequently visited places,  the user’s travel patterns and their traversal of geo-fences, and their current situation detected in real-time.

Privacy: All aspects of our products have been developed to provide ‘Privacy by Design’, ensuring that they fully meet the constraints of the GDPR and ePrivacy legislation.

Data Protection: Our products are unique in delivering all the functionality needed for mobile location based targeting while ensuring that no personal data leaves the user’s phone.