Leveraging phone-users’ behaviour in the real-world, legally
Deriving people’s interests from places visited and travel patterns
Protecting their privacy in compliance with GDPR
With minimal battery consumption 

Mobile Application Analytics

By integrating SITU8ED’s SDK in mobile applications, developers can tailor the app’s UX to the user’s situation, and/or have the application take actions depending on users’ situations.

Applications can provide greater detail when a person is stationary but focus only on critical functionality when they are in transit, or can be activated  as people approach enter a particular type of business.

Applications register to receive notifications based on the user’s situation.  The notifications can be as the user enters a  type of place (e.g. a supermarket),  their form of travel (e.g. on the bus), and when they arrive in a particular area (e.g. arriving in WC1, London).

Combinations are also possible (e.g. leaving the centre of London, after work, by bus), providing a large range of possibilities for developers.



SITU8ED’s products are free-to-use, are available as SDKs for Android and iOS, and are fully compliant with GDPR.


GDPR Compliant Advertising

GDPR has introduced a whole host of challenges for advertising in mobile applications, not least for publishers who are now responsible for consent and for the compliance of processing done on their behalf in the Ad Tech ecosystem.

SITU8ED’s products have been designed to provide the best possible solution for location-based advertising with respect to GDPR.

User consent

Applications are required to collect consent for each and every company that will receive personal data (e.g. location coordinates), calling out when those companies will use the information for profiling or for direct marketing, enabling users to contact each receiving company to exercise their rights – for data extracts,  data erasure, etc.

SITU8ED’s solution to this is ingeniously simple – we process all personal data on the user’s phone and only export information that is classified as anonymous, so removing the need for user consent beyond the permissions for the host application.  As a result no 3rd party consent is required.

SITU8ED has an option that does not use Advertising Ids – the EU Commission recently been confirmed that the IDFA and AAID are personal data.  Our solution avoids exporting these identifiers from users’ phones, while still allowing full location based targeting.

SITU8ED’ DSP partners will purchase inventory from publishers once the SITU8ED SDK is integrated in their titles.  Inventory can be carried to them through multiple Ad Networks/RTBs without any compromise to user privacy.


Precision targeting

Successful  targeting  relies on three capabilities:  building the right audience, selecting the right moment to advertise, and  confirming attribution.

Audience construction

SITU8ED’s SDK runs locally on users’ phones collecting situational data 24X7.    Using data from all types of sensors, for location, movement and the environment, we provide accurate, granular information on every type of place the user visits, enriched with the type of commerce and the associated brands, and the user’s travel between those places.   We collect data for a three month sliding window, to enable identification of the person’s habits and routines and predict their upcoming interests. 

SITU8ED’s Audience Builder uses this data for targeting, and evaluates users’ eligibility for campaigns in real-time.

Selecting the right situation in which to advertise

A key element in successful retail advertising  campaifgns such as Drive-to-Store is to target people when they are most willing to go to the advertised business.    We provide several unique capabilities to achieve this:

                     Real-time Identification of modes of travel

                     Real-time geo-fencing by type of travel

                     Identification of routines

Confirming passage in store

We use a unique approach to detect passage in store from GPS data without compromising users’ privacy and without requiring any beacons or other hardware in the store.

SITU8ED is a SaaS vendor, we do not trade in advertising inventory.  We are suppliers to SSPs, DSPs, Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges providing them with services and data for precision targeting.


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