The science of situations

Post-GDPR solutions for location-based advertising and analytics at scale

Location-based targeting at scale post-GDPR

Segment users via real-world behaviour – without exporting location

Monetise location at scale post-GDPR

Segmentation, geo-fencing, and visit attribution – all without exporting location

Situation analytics for mobile apps

Know when and where apps are used and optimise their UX


The places people visit and their travel between their places

Segmentation using real-world behaviour – enabling publishers to maximize revenues from advertising inventory

Situation Targeting – enabling Ad Tech to use location at scale, with segmentation, geo-fencing and attribution.

Situation Analytics – enabling developers to analyse app use and optimize them for the situations that make up  people’s daily lives


All fully compliant to GDPR and without exporting location from users’ phones.

From people to profiles while protecting privacy

We transform personal data into anonymous information in situ on the phone, in real time

GDPR compliance and more

  • No need for user consent to export personal data
  • No communication of sensitive data
  • No issues of data retention
  • No need for data protection by receiving systems
  • No risk of downstream data leakage

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