Situational Intelligence

Real-world situations used for segmentation, targeting and analytics

Location-based marketing at scale with GDPR

Situational profiling and segmentation

Location-based marketing at scale with GDPR

Segmentation, targeting, and measurement – all without exporting location

Situational analytics

Metrics and measurement for marketing effectiveness

Location-based marketing at scale with GDPR

Situational Insights

Characterising users interests and habits via the places they visit and their travel patterns

Building and enriching profiles and segments

Situational Targeting

Selecting the best real-world situations to interact with consumers

Leveraging geofencing

Identiftying moments of relative calm to boost conversion

Tracking visits for campaign optimization and attribution

Situational Analytics

Understanding app use by place and travel patterns

Slicing and dicing user segment trends 

Optimising ‘Drive-to-Store’ campaigns

All at scale under GDPR, without exporting location from users’ phones

From people to profiles while protecting privacy

We transform personal data into anonymous information in situ on the phone, in real time

GDPR compliance and more

  • No need for user consent to export location data
  • No communication of sensitive data
  • No issues of data retention
  • No need for data protection by receiving systems
  • No risk of downstream data leakage

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