Leverage consumers' real-world preferences

While protecting their privacy

Monetise app audiences

With intel from real-world preferences

SITU8ED provides publishers and retailers with location-based marketing from mobile app user’s real-world behaviour, with unprecedented detail and precision and uncompromising protection of user privacy.

Real-world behaviour unlocks user habits and preferences:

94% grocery purchases in the EU in 2017 happened in a shop
84% non-food sales in the UK in 2017 were in physical stores
90% car purchases in 2017 in Germany were in car dealerships

The history of people’s visits to real-world places reveal their shopping habits, their sports activities, what they prefer to do in their spare time, and more.  

People’s real-world situation reveals when they’re most open to receiving marketing inputs.

Leveraging those insights augments the value of audiences, improves targeting, and drives up conversion – for publishers, for retailers, and for advertisers.

Privacy by Design
100% GDPR compliance, 0% location data sharing