Founded in 2016, SITU8ED is based in Grenoble France. We’re a group of seasoned IT professionals with many years of experience with companies such as Google, Criteo, Huawei, Sagem and Hewlett Packard.

We’ve built our own start-up and know well the challenges that start-ups face in demonstrating traction and driving growth.

We have our own product suite for target advertising that uses patented processing of data from on-phone sensors, applying advanced signal processing and AI techniques to deliver industry leading precision.  Our products have been deployed to approximately a million users and represent an active revenue stream for us.

We also develop solutions for other start-ups, typically around the use of sensor data on devices such as watches, phones, bracelets and tags, with the attendant support via mobile apps and the appropriate back-office and back-end systems.

These developments leverage our expertise to deliver innovative solutions in minimal time.  Our clients fully own the IP for these solutions.

We have case studies from previous clients and references as needed, please contact us for details.