A radically new approach to understanding people’s real-world behaviour.

Applying Artificial Intelligence to solving location-based targeting.

Changing the Paradigm

The ideas for SITU8ED were born out of our frustration that location was failing to live up to its potential in driving footfall campaigns. 

A totally new approach was needed to determine what consumers were doing and where they were doing it, so we pioneered Situational Targeting to correctly interpret location data and enable advertisers to reach ambitious commercial goals. 

Learning from Experience

Driven by many years’ of experience in marketing operations, in machine learning and in mobile advertising, our team, ex-Google, Hewlett-Packard and Criteo, has perfected patent pending detection of Situations via embedded signal processing and machine learning, all without compromising user privacy.

Building from world-leading research

At our inception we were a spin-off INRIA – France’s ‘Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique’, where fundamental research delivers results in Situational Modelling, Autonomous vehicles, Privacy and other domains.

Four years later we have the leading solution in the world for processing location and other sensor data on mobile phones, melding the ground-breaking research with experience in embedded systems and the Ad Tech ecosystem.

Supported and recognised

Supported by Elaia Partners and HUB612, as well as our private investors. 

Recognised for our contributions to Ad Tech by Tech London Advocates.

Trading across Europe

From our offices in London, Paris and Grenoble, France.