Precise data at scale for the highest performance location-based targeting.

Segmentation and real-time triggers. Fully managed campaign operations.

Location provides a strong signal for advertising

The consumer businesses we visit reveal our retail choices, our social activities, our leisure interests, and  more.    Our location, or more precisely our situation in the real-world, reveals when we’re open to receiving advertising.

Data quality drives campaigns results

At the heart of every successful campaign is the quality of the data used. Does the information captured accurately identify the places that a person has visited?  Does it capture all of the visits we’re interested in?  Add to the mix the the constraints coming from GDPR and delivering high quality results is far from simple.

Others use bid stream data or standard SDK data. Neither deliver the data quality needed for successful campaigns.

We use on-phone intelligence to identify all visits to consumer businesses.  Our patent-pending algorithms process personal data directly and exclusively on the user’s phone, accurately identifying places visits and disambiguating between places entered and those passed-by, all while 100% protecting user privacy.

Reach delivers campaign scale

We’ve taken two innovative approaches to delivering reach: extending reach for segments by drawing from our own 1st party data using machine learning, and by partnering with 3rd parties to match in their consented datasets.

Along with effective operations

Successful campaigns depend on selecting the right segments for targeting, determining when to activate users, and monitoring what’s delivering results and what needs adjustment.

Our fully managed service maximises ROI for agencies and their clients.