Situational targeting

delivering on location’s promise

Location-based marketing should be able to drive up footfall for the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors, but so far it hasn’t exactly delivered on that promise, to say the least.

So, what’s going wrong?

It turns out that interpreting location is difficult. After all, there’s a world of difference between someone who’s in Sainsbury’s, versus walking by the store or waiting for a bus outside, even though their location is essentially the same.

The key to interpreting location is to first understand the user’s real-world situation and then to interpret their location in that context.

Situational Targeting

We determine people’s situation using the movement and environment sensor data that’s available on all smartphones, interpreting that information directly on the phone using AI techniques derived from robotics.  Not easy to do, but highly efficient, consuming next to no battery power.

Only when we know that the person’s really in a building do we use the GPS and map data to identify the place they’re in, and we only retain the identity of consumer businesses.

We use that information to derive insights, segmentation, and real time triggers to target advertising where and when it will make the most impact.

We use our record of attribution by pasaage in place to refine segments, through machine learning akin to Netflix’ recommendations, so that you see the highest possible footfall for your spend.

The results are footfall that’s thunderous, driven by segments that others can’t even begin to identify, and real-time triggers that massively drive up conversion..



All the functionality for location-based marketing:

For market analytics, targeting via notifications and in-app advertising, for geofencing and drive-to-store.

For prospecting, for conquesting, for retention, for loyalty management, and catchment analysis.


We eliminate the need for end-user consent to share location with 3rd parties, resulting in opt-in at scale.


SITU8ED’s products have all been built for ‘Privacy by Design’.

We ensure 100% protection of user’s personal and sensitive data, through all mobile marketing dataflows.


Our on-phone logic is optimised for minimal battery power consumption.

Our cloud-based services present simple-to-integrate APIs.

Our operations deliver dashboards, analytics, and reporting that make campaigns simple to understand and optimise.