Build segments from people’s real-world behaviours. 

Ensure precision while maintaining reach.

Data Quality – Precision, Completeness, and Consistency

Location based targeting aims to understand users’ consumer preferences and habits by interpreting their history of visits to consumer businesses.

The success of that profiling depends 100% on the quality of the underlying information.  Does the interpretation of location accurately identify which businesses were visited, does it capture all of them, and does it avoid ‘false positives’, such as people just passing by a business rather than entering into it?

SITU8ED’s patent-pending technologies precisely identify those businesses the each person visits, ignoring others that are just passed by. Our on-phone intelligence captures all consumer business visits, disambiguating them in real-time directly on the user’s phone.


Turning place visits into Audiences

Our situation timelines contain the vital elements for profiling – consumer business visits, moments at home and at work, and travel between all these places.

To that we add dwell-times, time-of-day, and day-of-week information, to see trends and ensure we’re targeting customers and not the guys restocking the shelves.

Key to successful campaigns is the selection of people likely to go to the target chain or store, people who live or work near one their shops, or frequently pass by one, preferably on foot. 

SITU8ED’s Audience Builder presents all this rich information gleamed from our timelines in a way that’s highly intuitive in building segments.   Real-time evaluation of the size of the segment enables the user to tune the segment constraints to deliver performance while keeping scale.




Building Segments

A simple boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT) enables constraints to be combined in building segments.

Examples of constraints are ‘Frequently shops in Sainsbury’s Local’, ‘Doesn’t shop in an Little Waitrose’, but ‘Lives near a Little Waitrose’, or ‘Frequently walks past a Little Waitrose’.