Delivering footfall

while 100% protecting users’ privacy

Data in depth, privacy by design

We recognise where people go and their travel between those places.

We report commercial place visits – for all retail, hospitality and leisure businesses.

We never reveal people’s work or home locations. Rather we provide rich targeting data on businesses in proximity to their residence and place of work – critical information for advertising.

We ensure that there’s no chance of reporting on sensitive places called out by GDPR – such as HIV clinics, mosques, prisons, and military bases.

All this is driven by some of the latest embedded cartographic algorithms, mapping all businesses, using building contours for the highest accuracy.

Streamlined end-user consent

Our SDK is unique in processing location data exclusively on the phone.

This delivers the highest accuracy in place identification, but most importantly under GDPR it means that users don’t need to consent to sharing their location with 3rd parties, which facilitates opt-in.

High-value audiencing

There’s more to understanding who to target and when, than simply collecting their place visits.

By combining people’s habits and place frequentation we determine both what they are interested in and when it’s optimal to target them.

Our Audience Builder enables clients to build audiences for insights, segmentation and profiling.

We provide a default taxonomy, as well as  enabling clients to optimise enrichment for their own taxonomies.

Situational Targeting

Users can be targeted with notifications or by purchasing ad inventory for any app on their phone.

Triggers to target them include:

Via Situations

When they leave the office, when they’re on public transport, etc., catching them when content will be most pertinent for them.

Via Proximity

When people are approaching or leaving a target place – for Drive-to-Store style campaigns.  We provide geo-fencing by type of travel, a vital parameter for geo-fencing to be used to influence people’s berhaviour.


We report attribution by creative by situation in which the creative is viewed.

This provides the critical information to determine the effectiveness of creatives in different situations and to optimise results by tracking creative fatigue and swapping them out.


Our rich datasets provide deep insights for comparing business frequentation and catchment areas.

With our Visit Analyser determine catchment areas based on people’s home and work places, analyse frequentation by time of day and day of week, understand people’s loyalty to a store or a brand, and more.