Privacy By Design

With SITU8ED, users’ location data are never shared with anyone, and they are never stored on the user’s phone.

With on-phone intelligence we firstly use sensor data from the phone’s sensors for movement and the environment to detect whether the person is in transit or not.

If they’re in transit, our patent-pending machine learning algorithms determine the type of travel. 

If they’re not in transit, we their location into the place where they are, and discard their location coordinates.

We use detailed on-phone cartography, with over 14 million places mapped and including building contours, to accurately identify every place that the person visits.

End-User Consent

As SITU8ED doesn’t share location data, applications integrating our products see opt-in at scale.

We even support optinally working without Advertising Ids to avoid any need to share personal data.


Audience Intelligence

Key to successful use of real-world behaviours is in deriving the vital information for marketing, without compromising the user’s privacy.

Our Audience Builder enables clients to build audiences for insights, segmentation and profiling, using people’s situation timelines – the list of places they visited and their travel between those places.

SITU8ED provides a default taxonomy, as well as providing  Audience Builder for clients to optimise enrichment their for own taxonomies.

An example identifying DIY shoppers in the UK:


Users can be targeted with notifications or by purchasing ad inventory for any app on their phone.   Triggers to target them include:

Targeting Using Situations

When they leave the office, when they’re on public transport, …  Catching them when an offer is most pertinent for them, or when they’re in a moment of relative calm.

Targeting Using Proximity

When people are approaching a target place – for Drive-to-Store style campaigns

When they arrive or depart from somewhere, for instance to advertise businesses around a football stadium on match day, as people arrive for the game and as they leave afterwards.

The example below of geofencing in Grenoble for a fast-food chain, with octagonal geofences around each outlet – the smaller octagon for people on foot and the larger one for people in transport, and a geofence for drivers near the exit on the Autoroute.


SITU8ED provides detailed analytics on the application’s user base, on audiences, and on the success of campaigns in influencing user behaviour.

Heatmaps of use, users, home locations and work locations by postal district:

Metrics on campaign effectiveness by creative and by situation in which they are viewed: