Precision in Targeted Advertising

Our location product portfolio, deployed at scale, delivers precision targeting through patented interpretation of fully consented location and movement data.

Our product suite provides agencies with profiling, segmentation,  geofencing, activation and attribution measurement.

At the heart of our products is the innovative, patented use of Situation Modeling to determine people’s situation in the real world, giving us the company name.

Situation Modeling combines selected data samples from multiple sensors on phones to identify when the people are in transit and when they’re inside a building.

Our patented algorithms execute locally on the user’s phone, to precisely identify place visits, eliminating false positives or inaccuracies,  while protecting users’ privacy

We only use fully consented data, both for location and activation, ensuring compliance to GDPR, the UK Data Protection Act, CCPA and privacy legislation in other countries.

We deliver segmentation, activation and attribution measurement in collaboration with partners to provide the benefits of hyper-targeted SDK data combined with the extended reach of other data sources.

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