Segments and buy-triggers to power campaigns, optionally with fully managed campaign operations.

Segments and Buy-Triggers

SITU8ED integrates with Data Management Platforms (DMPs) to provide custom segments for campaigns.  Those segments, derived from our industry-leading data, provide high precision targeting based on people’s real-world behaviour.

We also provide real-time buy-triggers integrated with Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).  These triggers are used to drive purchases of media in real-time, when people are in situations that make them a particularly likely to act on the advertising content.

Typically these situations relate to the person’s proximity to a target business, and to their current mode of travel; for instance to target people as they arrive near a football stadium on foot, or to target people on public transport within a local area.

Fully managed campaigns

We provide a fully managed service for campaign management, where SITU8ED operates the purchase of media via our DSP partners, optionally with whitelisting of applications and/or app categories.

In doing this we manage the integration of campaign data with DMPs and DSPs, track attribution, optimise the campaign parameters, and provide regular reporting for our clients.