An intelligent SDK for the best quality data without impacting host applications.

The highest performing location-based analytics, targeting and attribution.

An intelligent SDK – SITU8ED@

SDKs provide the best quality data for location-based targeting; intelligent SDKs take data quality to a new level, delivering the critical foundation for high-performance campaigns.

SITU8ED@, ‘situated at’ our Intelligent SDK, uses patent-pending technology to interpret motion, environment and location sensor data directly on user’s phones to identify with precision visits to consumer businesses, correctly identifying the business visited and capturing all visits – and all without exporting the user’s location.

Insights via SITU8ED’s Visit Analyser and Brand Comparator

The data provided by pour Intelligent SDK enables the analysis of catchment areas – based on people’s residence and their place of work, parameterised by time of day, day of week, and much more.

Segmentation with SITU8ED Audience Builder

Our Intelligent SDK provides the precise and complete data needed in constructing high-performance segments.  Segments are built by combining visits to consumer businesses, users’ travel patterns, their areas of residence and work, businesses in those areas, and more,  balancing segment precision and reach.


Real-time activation based on the user’s situation – any combination of proximity to a target business and their mode of travel (on foot, in public transport, in private transport). 


Our patent-pending attribution records passage in targeted consumer businesses.  We cross-correlate attribution with the situation in which the creative was viewed, the time of viewing, and the creative used – all parameters needed to maximise conversion throughout the campaign.