Evolve to Situational Targeting

Boost revenues with our fast, light, bulletproof SDK

Changing advertiser demands means monetizing Apps through user location is more difficult than ever. 

Collecting ‘place’ is no longer enough – today’s advertiser wants to buy ‘context’.

Your media buyers complain about out-of-date, inaccurate, low quality location data.

You’re worried bloated SDK’s will compromise your audience – no risk to audience retention will be tolerated.

GDPR has compounded these challenges and today tracking technology must operate in complete alignment with it. 

Driving revenues, keeping your audience

Our SDK – light, fast and built using Privacy by Design standards – helps you not only identify the places your users visit but highlights what they do when they are there.

We collect sensor data from your user’s handsets and machine learning unlocks their habits, interests & preferences to improve campaign ROI dramatically.

We’ve built a database of 14 million places – grouped by 200 types – that will enrich your inventory with Situational Context.

In a world of commodity programmatic targeting techniques, you’ll grow your advertiser base effortlessly with Situational Targeting.


We offer publishers guaranteed revenues based on Monthly Active User volumes, and revenue share models to optimise your benefits.

Revenue generation comes from media sales either in your applications or in those of third parties.


Location data are processed exclusively on the user’s phone, eliminating the need for users to share their location.

Privacy by design, while providing unique value by deriving the key aspects of consumers’ real-world lives that are vital for effective marketing.


Optimised power consumption – contextual logic driven by on-phone sensors and machine learning minimises power consumption.

Cloud-based services provide simple, real-time access for publishers to historical data and current situations.