Intelligence, Targeting and Activation

While protecting users’ privacy

SITU8ED records people’s visits to over 14 million places grouped in 200+ types providing unique value add for retailers through a deep understanding their app users in the real-world – their habits, interests, and preferences.

Our Privacy by Design product suite uses the latest machine learning techniques to recognise all the places people visit, and to categorise their travel between those places.

Actionable results including: 

Audience Intelligence
Insights to enrich your taxonomy, via the history of places people have visited to understand shopping preferences, sports and leisure interests, real-world social interests, and travel habits.
Segmentation and profiling from users’ real-world histories. 

Target media sales using high value segments. 

Attribution for marketing, linking views to footfalls in the target places, to optimise the choice of creative and the target situation in which content will be viewed.


Audiences and media become more valuable when enriched with people’s real-life behaviours.  

Targeting is more effective when products are aligned with real-world preferences.

Measurement is unambiguous when it shows modifications in people’s real-world behaviours.


Location data are processed exclusively on the user’s phone, eliminating the need for users to share their location.

Privacy by design, while providing unique value by deriving the key aspects of consumers’ real-world lives that are vital for effective marketing.


Optimised power consumption – contextual logic driven by on-phone sensors and machine learning mininises power consumption.

Cloud-based services provide simple, real-time access for publishers to historical data and current situations.