Safely monetise location data

with guaranteed revenues

We deliver a GDPR safe solution to monetise user data without compromising either users’ privacy or the functioning of host applications.

Guaranteed income or revenue share

We offer publishers a guaranteed monthly income, based on your apps’ monthly active users.  You don’t need to carry advertising in your app. Please contact us to for a quote.

We also offer revenue sharing, please contact us to discuss target revenues and options on data use.

With an SDK that protects your applications

Small, power efficient, and built for privacy.

Unlike geo-tracking SDKs, our SDK never shares location, resulting in 100% compliance to GDPR and eliminating the need for users to consent to share their location.

Engineered to ‘fly below the radar’, avoiding app bloat and ensuring the host application is never flagged as a high consumer of battery power due to our SDK.


Our guaranteed revenues are based on Monthly Active User volumes.

Revenue share models allow publishers to realise more income from their users’ data, sharing in the upsides with us. 

Revenue generation comes from media sales either in host applications or in those of third parties.


Location data and all other sensor information is processed exclusively on the user’s phone, eliminating the need for users to share their location.

Profiling and geofencing are executed locally on the phone, giving a solution that conforms 100% to GDPR.


Optimised power consumption – contextual logic driven by on-phone sensors and machine learning minimises power consumption.

Cloud-based services provide simple, real-time access to historical data and current situations.