Situational targeting

for thunderous promotional footfall

If you’re in the retail, hospitality or leisure sectors you know the benefits of location based targeting:  reaching customers with the right interests, close to promotionally relevant places, connecting cross-channel marketing, & attributing online-to-offline behaviour.

But you’re aware of location-based marketing’s shortcomings too:  competing technologies from location vendors means quality, accuracy & recency are all highly variable.

We’re location obsessives so we set out to fix these problems. 

Situational Targeting

Location technologies have suffered from two main problems:

GDPR has cut the legs from under legacy approaches – decimating the inventory in RTBs with location coordinates, and drying up reach for standard SDK solutions.   

Data quality – long a problem when location is sourced from media, it’s increasingly evident that location from standard SDKs is equally suspect – as location is interpreted remotely and in isolation. 

We’ve taken a radically different approach. We call this Situational Targeting.

We identify people’s context in the real-world from movement and environment data that’s interpreted directly on their phones – whether they’re in a building or in transit between buildings.  Once we know they’re in a building we use location data locally on their phone to record visits to businesses. 

That way we identify the stuff needed for advertising, avoiding at source all the other sensitive places location can inadvertently reveal. Plus, we don’t export or store locations, so we’re squeaky clean with respect to GDPR.

The results for advertisers are segments that others can’t begin to identify, triggers to ensure people are open to receive advertising, and attribution that’s categoric and linked to creatives. 

We’ve already mapped & geofenced well over fourteen million places into more than two-hundred types so we’ve probably got visits to your stores covered already. 

Meaning, we can quickly get you a never before seen picture of your customer’s habits, interests, and preferences to drive your KPIs up-and-to-the-right.


All the functionality for location-based marketing:

For market analytics, targeting via notifications and in-app advertising, for geofencing and drive-to-store.

For prospecting, for conquesting, for retention, for loyalty management, and catchment analysis.


We eliminate the need for end-user consent to share location with 3rd parties, resulting in opt-in at scale.


SITU8ED’s products have all been built for ‘Privacy by Design’.

We ensure 100% protection of user’s personal and sensitive data, through all mobile marketing dataflows.


Our on-phone logic is optimised for minimal battery power consumption.

Our cloud-based services present simple-to-integrate APIs.

Our operations deliver dashboards, analytics, and reporting that make campaigns simple to understand and optimise.