Attract, Acquire and Retain Customers

While protecting users’ privacy

SITU8ED records people’s visits to over 14 million places grouped in 200+ types providing unique value add for retailers through a deep understanding their app users in the real-world – their habits, interests, and preferences.

Actionable results including: 

Audience Intelligence
Heatmaps and graphing of where your clients live and work, who they shop with, their loyalty to you and with your competitors, when they shop, how they get there, and what else they do in the real-world. 

Situational Targeting
Segment users for conquesting, for retention, and for growth.  Use geofencing to capture them as they approach your store, or as they approach your competitors’ stores.
Target them in moments of calm – on public transport, at home, in a coffee shop, … Or catch them as they leave home or leave work.

Measurement and Optimisation
Check whether your ads and notifications work: Which creatives result in views? In which situations? Do they influence people’s behaviour – do they generate the footfalls expected? 


All the functionality for location-based marketing:

For market analytics, targeting via notifications and in-app advertising, for geofencing and drive-to-store.

For prospecting, for conquesting, for retention, and for loyalty management.


We eliminate the need for end-user consent to share location with 3rd parties, resulting in opt-in at scale.


SITU8ED’s products have all been built for ‘Privacy by Design’.

We ensure 100% protection of user’s personal and sensitive data, through all mobile marketing dataflows.


Our on-phone logic is optimised for minimal battery power consumption.

Our cloud-based services present simple-to-integrate APIs.

Our operations dashboards, analytics, and reporting make campaigns simple to configure, operate and optimise.