Mobile and wearable product development

Go from your initial concept to a fully deployed POC or MVP in a minimal time.  We work in close partnership with start-ups and incubators.

We act as our clients’ R&D team, or as part of it, quickly and expertly building and deploying POCs and MVPs.

We provide a broad range of R&D skills to go from concepts through to a POC, an MVP and beyond.

We’re experts in wearables, mobile apps, SDKs, web solutions, cloud infrastructure, and back-end and back-office systems.

We’ve developed products for ad tech and mar tech, for transport, for health and wellness, and for sports applications.

We build wearables – e.g. bracelets, tags, patches – addressing the hardware and firmware aspects. 

We create apps for smartwatches and smartphones.

We complete the product with back-office data management and analytics and back-end services for deployment and operations management.

We are experts in privacy management, fault tolerant data collection, encryption, cloud infrastructures, real-time web services, and more … 

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