Hardware and Software Product Development

We can develop all or part of your product including both software and hardware elements.

Some of our clients use our services to quickly and efficiently go from an initial concept to a fully deployed POC or MVP.

Others use our services to improve parts of an existing POCor product, both in rendering hardware more performant and in extending software capabilities.

We either act as our clients’ R&D team or integrate as part of their team, bringing a broad range of hard-to-find skills in:

Building wearables – e.g. bracelets, tags, patches – addressing the hardware and firmware aspects. 

Designing and developing apps for smartwatches and smartphones, along with web apps.

Building back-office solutions – for data collection, process management and and analytics.

Building the services to deploy products and to operate them efficiently.

Supporting our clients with private and public cloud solutions. 

We are experts in privacy management, fault tolerant data collection, encryption, cloud infrastructures, real-time web services, and more … 

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